18817783_10159285168485131_1953101481_oWelcome to the farm! Where things are grown and raised with love and care. Where life is slow-paced and intentional. Where frogs chirp, lightning bugs flash and the grass is greenest where you water it.

Welcome to this simple homestead. We invite you to watch as we learn and grow, fail and get back up again to succeed. Laugh with us at all our silly mistakes and make learning experiences from them. Live vicariously through us or join along and follow in our footsteps. See our home, family, animals, and all our plant life grow, and grow along with us.

Welcome to Gooseberry Creek Farm.

Welcome to our home.

-Eliott and Katie

Gooseberry Creek Farm Subjects:

  • “A Piece of Work” – Projects, crafts and more
  • “Free Food” – Foraging, hunting and fishing
  • “Fur, Feathers, Fluff and Fuzz”- All things farm animals
  • “Getting Those Ducks in a Row”-Farm and life organization
  • “Green Thumb”- Plants, trees, shrubs, etc.
  • “Home Cookin'” – Our favorite recipes on the farm
  • “The Piggy Bank” – Farm finances
  • “Where the Heart Is”- Family fun on the farm