About Our Homestead

This Hobby Farm has been a dream in the making before my husband and I were even wed. Both born and raised as farm kids, life took a faster paced turn for us as individuals when I attended college in Kansas City and my husband (then a close friend) joined the Air Force. Throughout our friendship, relationship and marriage our careers tied us to cities. That is, until last year when a job offer allowed us to move home.

Growing up on farms in rural southwestern Missouri created a desire for both of us to return to our calm and simple roots. We want to raise our children that way, with a strong work ethic. Not to mention the strong skill set and knowledge base that comes with farm living. And the FUN… oh all the fun that comes with it, too.

Our hearts yearn to raise our own food. We’ve looked and looked again at bee packages, milk cows, and feeder pigs. We’ve read homesteading book after homesteading book. We’ve discussed and re-discussed. And we’ve walked the land I grew up on (the land we are building on) time and time again getting to know it.

We now know it well enough to confidently pick a name for our humble homestead: Gooseberry Creek Farm. Named (if you hadn’t guessed) for the abundance of gooseberry bushes we’ve come across on our walks around the property, most of which reside along the banks of our wet weather creeks. Not to mention our love for gooseberries (because pie).

Our current endeavors revolve around:


-Laying Hens

-A Miniscule Vineyard and Orchard

-A Container Vegetable Garden

A Potted Herb Garden


And we hope to grow so much more.

So here we are, starting our own homestead and livin’ that country life. And we are bringing you along for the ride, whatever adventure or misadventure occurs.